Terms and Conditions

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Services: Any service provided by Two Cockatoos Cultural Consultancy (ABN 65 410 866 040) will be provided in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Agreement: An agreement between Two Cockatoos Cultural Consultancy and your business for delivery of the services with these T&Cs will arise where (a) We have accepted request for our services and agreed to perform the services (b) Payment is made by you in exchange of our services.

Your obligations: You must: (a) permit access to your premises (or facility as advised by you) to perform the services; (b) ensure adequate facilities are made available for the performance of the services, including internet access and presentation equipment with sound; (c) comply with all applicable laws (SafeWork NSW laws included) and other applicable requirements in respect of such premises and their use; and (d) maintain adequate public liability insurance for premises as per (a).

Payment Information & Price: (i) You will be required to pay for the services in accordance with our payment terms. (ii) Unless agreed otherwise in writing, you must make full payment within 14 days from the date of our invoice. (iii) Prices displayed on website and/or information brochure is subject to change without notification. (iv) Any service provided, is subject to GST. (v) We shall not be liable for any travel and accommodation costs incurred with any persons attending the course.

Intellectual property & materials: Any documentation, information, or other materials provided in connection with the services and any intellectual property rights (including copyright) will remain the property of Two Cockatoos Cultural Consultancy and/or our third party licensors. You must not make modifications, copy, reproduce, re-publish or distribute the materials in any way, with the exception of prior written consent.

The information and opinions expressed is of a general nature only and not representative of any specific Country or Nation. Consultation or service must not be relied upon as such. If you would like information regarding a specific Country, please contact an Aboriginal organisation, such as a Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC). You should consult with an orgainsation such as a LALC to obtain advice tailored to any specific circumstances applicable to you before engaging our services.

Privacy: We may collect information about you or third parties in connection with the services provided. Information collected and held about you or third parties may be used in accordance to the Privacy Act 1988, any other applicable legislation and our obligations under these T&Cs. We may disclose information to our related bodies corporate and third parties for the purposes of performing the services. Under the Privacy Act 1988, individuals have rights of access to, and correction of, their personal information. We will comply with the Privacy Act 1988 and any applicable regulations and codes in connection with the collection and use such information.

Termination: We reserve the right to terminate this agreement immediately by written notice if there is a breach of these T&Cs.

Cancellation, postponement and refund: Cancellations, postponement or changes to bookings by you must be made more than 7 business days before the course date. Less than 7 days prior to the course date will attract a 25% cancellation fee. Less than 2 days prior to the course date will attract 100% fee.

We may not be able to perform the services if all the required information and resources (e.g. facilities) requested by us is not provided. In this event, we may be able to negotiate another date and time to provide the service.

Two Cockatoos Cultural Consultancy reserves the right to change course dates and times at any time. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to attend on the course date we will (i) notify immediately (ii) offer a new course date to deliver the service (iii) refund the amount of service if applicable. 

Disclaimer: All information is a general overview only and is not a reflection of all Aboriginal people or specific Countries. For specific localised information, please contact a local Aboriginal organisation. Further information is provided on our resources and FAQ’s pages.