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Acknowledgement of Country

Connection to Gondwana Rainforest, Birpai Country.

When arriving on a new Country, it is best practice to Connect. The following is a reflection piece of a deep connection I felt.
Upon arrival to Gondwana Rainforest I walked to the edge of the rainforest. I looked up and saw a line of beautifully tall trees, boldly standing as guardians, imposing a boundary for the rest of the forest. I took a deep breath and opened myself to the energy. What I physically felt, and sensed in my thoughts was nothing I ever experienced before.

The energy from the rainforest was pulsating in rhythm as it engulfed me, washing over me from head to toe. The energy was commanding whilst still being gentle, inviting me in.
If I were to use an analogy, it would be as if I were a baby in utero. A rhythmically beating life force surrounding me, sustaining me. It was as if I could feel creation in its most raw form.

I had a sense that any knowledge I have gained during my lifetime was insignificant to the wealth of knowledge the rainforest contained. I could read encyclopedias for 24 hours every day for the rest of my life and it still couldn’t compare to what the Earth knew. Not only did it hold a vast amount of information, but it also contained secrets beyond our comprehension.

As wise and ancient as it was, compared to my infancy, it was washing over me to let me know it was part of me, and I was part of it. That moment was truly breathtaking, and I stood there looking up in awe and gratitude for the sacred experience it allowed me to have.

Biripi Country